Becoming a Service Provider

Joining our network has many benefits. The main benefit is that we will provide you will revenue…plain and simple.

Junk Removal - Our marketplace does all the work for you in regards to screening, data collection, and scheduling of the work for you. All you need to do is adhere to the high level of customer service and performance standards that will be laid out to you.

Profile Page - Build a profile page with your services, pricing, ratings, hours and relevant information and sit back and enjoy the show. We will get to work finding you

Fees - The fee we will charge you is 30% of your normal rate. The fee is cost justified once you realized an increased volume of business. You will more than make up for it. Also, we only receive the 30% on the first order from your client. When they order from you a second time, there is no fee…ever again. In essence, your client acquisition cost is extremely low.

Contract - There is no monthly fee. If you want to quit, there is no termination fee. As an added feature, you can always pause your service for varies reasons. If you are going on vacation or just need a breather, use the pause feature

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